DevOps implementation : challenges for Operators

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DevOps implementation : Challenges for Operators

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DevOps implementation, which is a new application Development/Operation best practices that goes along with network virtualization will pose challenges for Operators due to their dependencies on their Network Virtualization Functions (VNFs) vendors. The main idea of DevOps is to bring development and operation organizations together to create a greater collaboration between operations and development engineers who will be participating in the entire products/services life-cycle (from design through production network operation support). But as Operators are not VNFs developers, most of their VNFs are developed by their vendors and the vendors use their own set of tools and processes that are most of the times inconsistent with Operation (Operators) tools and processes. As a result Operators’ ability to develop skills, tools and processes that are required for efficient DevOPs implementation, will emerge as challenges as they do not have much control over their VNFs design and development tools and processes.

Operators inherently have large organizations and they interact with their vendors in silos to provide their end-to-end services. Each vendor usually develops the software/hardware required for their application and pass it on to the Operators for end-to-end integration and deployment. Operators relies most of the time for application failure fixes in the production on their application vendors, as the operation engineers (Operator employees) may not have appropriate in-depth skills of the application.

As DevOps requires VNF developer and operation to collaborate at every stage of the product life-cycle and align the tools and processes used from design through development and operation, Operators need to establish a better relationships with their vendors so that the engineers are involved at the early stage of application development. This may sound simple and easy to establish, but it takes time and effort to be able to both adapt and adopt. Both VNF vendors (developer) and Operators (Operation) engineers are required to acquire new skillset and tools to fully benefit from the efficiencies of the DevOps.

TATA Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) understands the challenges the DevOps, SDN/NFV implementation pose to Network Operators and therefore has developed efficient methodology to mitigate these challenges. TCTS can synergize VNF vendors (developers) and Operators (operation) in a manner that allows flexibility, cohesive and successful environment.

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